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The Learning Project: Let’s Begin!

For my learning project, I have decided to re-teach myself how to play the guitar!

I already tried to learn the guitar once and was taking lessons, however, I stopped playing a couple years ago and have completely lost any skill I had. Now that I have to teach myself a skill for this class, I thought what better to teach myself than something I know I will be able to learn.

In order to focus my learning, I will be using a couple of online and physical resources. One of the online resources that I have found so far is Guitareo on YouTube. The physical resource that I will be using, mainly to help section off ‘lessons’ is the Absolute Beginners Guitar book that I received from my old instructor. Although I will probably look to other resources as I get further into my learning project these are the two resources that I will start with to base my ‘Lesson Plan’ on.

Week 1: Getting familiar with the guitar

Holding the guitar and pick, frets, strings, and tuning

Week 2: Strumming

Learn basic strumming patterns

Week 3: Chords

Learn the first three chords A, E, and D

Week 4: Chords pt. 2

Learn the nest two chords, practice switching between cords

Week 5: TABS

Learning how to read guitar tabs so that I can actually play music on my own

Week 6: Picking

Explore beginner picking


Photo Credit: Alfpatricio Flickr via Compfight cc