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My Mentoring Experience

This semester was a whirlwind of activities and mentoring three EDTC 300 students was a big part of that! First things first, let me introduce my mentees!

My Mentees!

Miss Jana Schlosser: Jana is a fourth-year elementary education student who is now finished her degree! You can check out her wonderful blog here and her Twitter as well! As her blog states at the top, she is super organized and really creative! She decided to teach herself calligraphy/lettering for her learning project, and WOW. Her progress throughout the semester is quite astounding and she created some awesome work! As well, she came up with super creative song titles for all of her Learning project posts, How Cute! Check out Jana’s summary of her learning in EDTC 300!

Miss Brooklyn Selinger: Brooklyn is a fourth-year middle years education student at the University of Regina! You can check out her blog here and her Twitter here as well! For her learning project, Brooklyn tried her hand at cooking! She tried so many diverse recipes of all types of food! From snacks to meats, to sweets, she tried it all! Brooklyn incorporated some more well-known recipes and brand new, never before seen ones in her journey and the results were amazing! Check out Brooklyn’s summary of her learning in EDTC 300!

Miss Mackenzie Stamm: Mackenzie is a fourth-year elementary education student from the University of Regina! You can check out her blog here and her Twitter here! For her learning project, Mackenzie learned a bunch of different styles of dance! Her project was so exciting and I found myself waiting for the next video of her progress to come out. I would highly recommend going back to watch some of her videos, they are hilarious and really well made! Also, make sure to check out her summary of learning!

My Experience

My experience in being a mentor this semester was quite stressful! I will admit, it was really easy for me to slip behind in commenting on their awesome blogs or interacting on Twitter. That being said, when I was able to interact with them and be a part of their learning journey it was so fulfilling! At times, it did feel strange to be playing the mentor role, which is commonly thought of as being played by someone who is older, but I guess it makes sense in that I have a little more EDTC experience!

This process really showed me how difficult it would be to teach an online class too! I felt that I would have been able to have much deeper conversations with my mentees had we had face-to-face meetings to talk about the things we talked about online. As well, attending and studying for five class, while working two jobs, made it slightly more difficult than I had imagined. Finding times to talk to my mentees that weren’t between 11 pm and 5 am was more difficult than it should have been! I also found that because it was online I was able to shut it out more easily. Most people talk about being attached to their phones, of which I usually am, but I found that because I was so busy, my attachment to my phone and social media all together was the first thing to go. This brought me back to the very beginning of the class when we discussed digital dualism and the IRL fetish.

In general, this experience has taught me that teaching is more than just standing in front of a class and delivering information, it is about more than learning experiences too! Teaching requires a great deal of relationship building and open communication between the teacher(s) and students! It is an extremely hands-on profession and we must be prepared for this! We will be exhausted coming into the class some days but it should always be our priority to check in with our students and continue to assess/observe their learning as we go!

If you would like to see some of my interactions with my Mentees check out my log!



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