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The Great EDTC Debate

This Week!

In this weeks Great EDTC Debate, I will be debating with my fellow classmate Sydney about whether we should focus on teaching things that can be googled! You can view my side of the debate above and make sure you head over to Sydney’s blog post to see what she has to say!  In order to gain a deeper understanding of my view on this topic, I have picked out some required readings for my fellow classmates!

How Google Impacts The Way Students Think

In this article, Terry Heick looks at the way he sees Google impacting students learning. He goes over a few points that describe the ways in which students learning has been changed by simply being able to Google any information they need. Heick then ends his article with an interesting potential solution to the issues he outlines.

The Moral Bias Behind Your Search Results

In this TedTalk, Andreas Ekström provides a more philosophical approach to the results we see when we Google something. In his talk, he speaks of the Google algorithms that dictate what pops up when we enter a search. Further, he discusses what is behind those algorithms. While it is not directly compared to an educational setting, we can still see how the process he speaks of can impact our students search results and even greater, their learning.

Will technology make teachers obsolete?

In this article by the Senior Debating Society at Wade Deacon Highschool in Widnes, England, students draw our attention to the “Human Factor” of teaching. Though their article focuses on technology in the classroom in general, I would like to draw the readers attention to their viewpoint on the importance of teachers.

Sources of information that are not mentioned above:

How much data do we create every day

This is why technology won’t replace teachers

Why graduates lack the skill they need most 

Gripping Issue: First graders lack fine motor skills

How does Google affect the way we learn? 




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