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Who Am I Online?

This week, our EDTC 400 class has been tasked with taking a look at our social media accounts and overall digital identity. It is extremely important for educators, even those that aren’t in the field, to be aware of what their digital identity says about them. You never know when a student, parent, or employer will try to find you online!

Incognito Mode

In order to make sure I was only seeing what someone who didn’t follow me or was logged into my accounts, would see, I made sure to do all my searching in an incognito window. This is a super helpful tool to see what everyone else will when they look at your accounts!

The First Search

Interestingly enough, when I search up my name using google, some of my least used accounts are right at the top. These are accounts that I haven’t put much thought into or that I have had for a really long time! It may be useful for me to go ahead and make sure that silly things like my Etsy, Prezi, and school Youtube accounts are either locked or portray the image of myself as an educator.

A useful tool that I learned last year regarding Youtube videos, was marking them as unlisted. This means that your videos will not come up if someone is searching for themselves, they have to have the link to your video in order to watch it! 

One of the things that I did when going through my accounts was to make sure that the profile pictures for all my accounts were clearly me. I feel like this could help in a situation in which someone has the same or similar name. By making sure that my profile pictures are the same, I am hoping to draw attention to those accounts as my own!

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

I will admit I am kind of thankful for this assignment right now. This was a great excuse to go onto my account, fiddle with my privacy settings, and make sure that my likes, groups, and pages that I belonged to all reflected who I want to be seen as!  I have made it so that my Facebook account shows my most basic information and insured that my Instagram account is similarly locked. My Pinterest account is another story. I haven’t done much to “hide” this account as I use it to collect useful resources for teaching and for my work. I don’t think it would be particularly hard to find any of my accounts, however, there is nothing on them that I want to hide.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I am hoping to make more of a presence on my social media accounts to give those that may find me a better sense of who I am. As we have discussed in class, our digital identities do not need to be hidden away. I want to make sure that my philosophies about education are present in my digital identity! It is my goal to use the STF’s tips for professionalism in a digital world to “model the behaviour [I] expect to see online from [my] students”!




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One thought on “Who Am I Online?

  1. Hi Aurora, you made very good points throughout your blog post, and as your final sentence states, we should always want to represent ourselves with a positive digital identity to allow our students also create positive digital identities! Thanks for sharing!


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