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An Introduction

Hello EDTC 400!

My name is Aurora Lay-Street and I am a second-year elementary education student at the University of Regina! I won’t delve too deep into my own story here, but feel free to check out my site introduction! Here you will find out a little bit about my background, interests, and hobbies. Instead, let me tell you about my EdTech journey!

Last spring I took EDTC 300 as an online elective and it absolutely blew my mind away! It is quite surprising how much my views and ideas surrounding educational technologies changed after this class and I immediately knew that I was going to be back for more! I very much enjoyed learning about educational technologies, digital literacy and citizenship, and, of course, PLN’s. I was able to explore real-life scenarios related to educational technologies, specifically using Twitter in the classroom! As well, I gained many useful tools and tricks that I can bring into my own future classrooms, and even gained knowledge about the SAMR and TPACK models for actually making sure I use educational technologies to their fullest extent in the classroom. The most exciting knowledge that I gained from EDTC 300 was using Twitter to form and connect with my PLN. I even went so far as to design and run a chat with a friend and classmate last year!

It is my hope that I can fully extend this learning into EDTC 400! Specifically, I have three goals for this class:

1. Better learn how to teach young students about digital citizenship and help them to develop positive digital identities.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

2. Expand my PLN to include educators in all fields! I believe that everyone has something to teach!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

3. Develop my own positive digital identity. I want to make sure that the image I portray online represents my professionalism, passion, and drive. I want to continue to update and grow my online presence! Photo Credit: nodstrum Flickr via Compfight cc

Aside from these three goals I also hope that I can have just as much fun in EDTC 400 as I did in EDTC 300. I also hope to see my mentees developing the same kind of passion and enjoyment with learning about, and soon teaching about, digital literacy.



Studying to gain a Bachelor of Education at the University of Regina

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