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The Learning Project: Wrapping It Up

Wow! This Learning Project has been a whirlwind of new learning experiences and rediscovered feelings! While I had fun with the learning process, I now remember why I quit playing the guitar the first time. So, this was a learning experience in more ways than one!

Week One

The Learning Project: Let’s Begin!

Week One of my Learning Project began with an outline of the direction I hoped my project would go in and some preliminary resources that I hoped to use!

Guitareo proved to be a very helpful resource, especially with the videos on Youtube and then the blogs on their website.

Another resource that I relied on throughout my whole project was my book “Absolute Beginners Guitar” which I found very helpful the first and second times around.

Week Two

Before Anything Else

This week was all about re-familiarizing myself with the parts of the guitar and holding everything properly. I looked to Guitareo for my learning this week.

Week Three

And Now, Strumming

This week was all about strumming! I taught myself five basic strumming techniques using a blog post from Guitareo and this resource on the mechanics of strumming from Guitar Lesson Lounge.

This was my progress from this week!

Screenshots in the video are from this post: “5 Essential Strumming Patterns: Essential Strumming Patterns for Electric or Acoustic Guitar

Week Four

We’re Getting There! Time for some Chords!

For this week I really started to get into playing! I started off with three chords, A, E, and D! I looked toward a new video resource, Justin Guitar, to learn these chords this week.

Week Five

Yay! More Chords

This week is mostly a continuation of last weeks learning, adding two more chords to my repertoire. For continuity purposes I stuck with the same video tutorials from Justin Guitar to learn the G and C chords.

Week Six

TAB’s: The Language of Chords

For my sixth and final week I decided to learn how to read Tablature! TABs are essential to playing the guitar and this was a very confusing and rewarding week for me! I went through a bit of a spiral in my lerning this week, moving from my first resource onto more clarrifying videos and websites!

I wrapped up my learning on TABs with the pros and cons that I discovered through my learning that week! Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 12.55.56 PM




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