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Twitter in the Classroom: The Great Debate

This is a collaborative work completed by Lauren Sauser, Sydney McGrath, and Aurora Lay-Street.

This week, we teamed up to stage a parent-teacher email conversation around the topic of using Twitter in a grade 4 classroom.

Ms. Johnson: A 4th-grade teacher who is hoping to introduce the use of Twitter in her classroom.

Caroline Mitchell: An enraged, newly-divorced mother who is reluctant to allow her young daughter to participate in this new form of digital education.

Mike Mitchell: Newly-divorced, and technologically illiterate father who is curious and willing to be educated on this new form of digital education.

Please follow this link to view our email conversation between the three parties and how the issue was addressed.

Here is a little preview!


In this situation, the teacher was able to successfully diffuse the situation by listening to the parent’s concerns and providing adequate resources to support her reasoning and give them a better understanding of her motives.  

Although this story may have ended without a huge controversy, not every situation in every school will turn out this way. Teachers must be willing and prepared to adapt to these different opinions and understand that not all parents will be so understanding. There will come days where you have a student who for some reason cannot participate in these forms of technological education and you sensitive to this fact.

We feel that creating and promoting positive digital citizenship in the classroom is something that all teachers should work to achieve. This is something that we will keep in mind as we pursue our degrees in education and can embrace in classrooms of our own one day.

Here are the links that were used throughout our email conversation. We encourage you to check out some of these sources, as they are extremely informative and provide various points of view!

“What is Twitter?”

“The Dangers of Using Twitter”

Twitter Security Risk

“Why Children Should be Taught to Build a Positive Online Presence”

“Ribbles Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship”

“13 Reasons to Use Twitter in the Classroom”

“Sixty Inspiring Uses of Twitter in the Classroom”




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