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Yay! More Chords!

Last week I started to learn some chords. I started with the three that most resources I found seem to think are the easiest for beginners to start with, and now, I am working on the next two. G and C are the final two chords that all beginners learn, and, because I only have two chords to learn this week, I will also try to practice switching between chords. (Which will probably take me quite a bit of time!) For this week I will be sticking to the same resource as last week for learning my chords, just for continuity. This blog post will be a little bit shorter as it is a continuation of last weeks blog. I didn’t think it would be practical to force myself to learn and remember all five beginner chords after just one day.

Learning G


Learning C



Next Week

Next week I will be learning how to read some tablature (TABs) so that hopefully, by the end of this project I will be able to play a short tune! Stay tuned!




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4 thoughts on “Yay! More Chords!

  1. Great progress from your first go at playing the guitar! I love all the information you give along with your final product of your learning! Great work!


  2. Fantastic progress! I am really impressed, I’ve tried to learn the guitar before but just couldn’t make my fingers bend quite right, and when I could I couldn’t do it fast enough. I’m excited to hear your final tune!


  3. Aurora,
    Your title couldn’t be any more accurate. As I’m doing ukulele for my learning project I’m finding learning chords is never ending. You are doing so great!


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