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Before Anything Else

For week one of my learning project, I have tasked myself with re-familiarizing myself with how to hold the guitar and pick, and rediscovering the strings, frets, and how to tune! I looked to my main resource Guitareo and instead of starting with the first video (which was just a bunch of talking) I skipped to the second video to start my learning!

How to Hold the Guitar

As soon as he started introducing the different ways to hold the guitar I knew that the Casual Method was the one I had used previously and the one that I would definitely be using for this project.

In the Casual Method, you rest the guitar on the leg that is the same as the arm you are strumming with. This method is the one that is the most natural for me (and I assume most others as well as it is more comfortable).




Second, is the Classical Method, which I do not like, at all. It is extremely uncomfortable for me to hold the guitar like this for longer periods of time and just generally feels wrong. Although it does have the benefit of better reaching the whole neck of the guitar will only be at the beginner stage and won’t need to reach every note.



Lastly was the standing pose which I couldn’t even attempt because I do not have a strap for my guitar, guess I just have to stay sitting!

Numbering Systems

Next, I moved on to video three which covers the numbering systems for your fingers, frets, and strings.

As he states at the beginning of the video, this step is pretty simple to wrap your mind around. Surprisingly, it was all these small little details that I remembered most from my lessons years ago and as such, this lesson wasn’t too hard for me. That being said, this was a great starting point to reintroduce myself to playing!

Stay tuned because next week is strumming patterns!



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