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The Learning Project: Let’s Begin!

For my learning project, I have decided to re-teach myself how to play the guitar!

I already tried to learn the guitar once and was taking lessons, however, I stopped playing a couple years ago and have completely lost any skill I had. Now that I have to teach myself a skill for this class, I thought what better to teach myself than something I know I will be able to learn.

In order to focus my learning, I will be using a couple of online and physical resources. One of the online resources that I have found so far is Guitareo on YouTube. The physical resource that I will be using, mainly to help section off ‘lessons’ is the Absolute Beginners Guitar book that I received from my old instructor. Although I will probably look to other resources as I get further into my learning project these are the two resources that I will start with to base my ‘Lesson Plan’ on.

Week 1: Getting familiar with the guitar

Holding the guitar and pick, frets, strings, and tuning

Week 2: Strumming

Learn basic strumming patterns

Week 3: Chords

Learn the first three chords A, E, and D

Week 4: Chords pt. 2

Learn the nest two chords, practice switching between cords

Week 5: TABS

Learning how to read guitar tabs so that I can actually play music on my own

Week 6: Picking

Explore beginner picking




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5 thoughts on “The Learning Project: Let’s Begin!

  1. Hi Aurora,
    You are so organized with your learning project, I’m impressed. You have everything planned out so well. It’s great that you want to pick up the guitar again, as I’m sure you’ll use this skill in the future. I always loved it when the sub-teacher came into class with her guitar, her lessons were always fun. I think music is a great teacher. I look forward to your learning journey with this project.


  2. Thank You!! I have always been very interested in music and I love learning about how I can incorporate it into my future classrooms so hopefully this will be one way I can do that! As well, thank you for your feedback regarding how I structured my initial plan!


  3. Great job Aurora, I can’t wait to see how your project goes! I really liked the resources that you shared, I am doing guitar too so I will have to check those out 🙂


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