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An Introduction: Me and My Thoughts on EdTech

Who Am I?

Well, I am a student at the University of Regina studying to receive a Bachelor of Elementary Education. So that means that I love being around young people and teaching them. I also love being in school myself. I love learning something new every day and I hope that I never feel like I have learned enough.

I am also an employee. My job is very important to me and I always strive to be the hardest worker in the room. It makes it easier for me however since I love the work that I am doing I used to work at a radio station as an announcer and summer events coordinator and recently began working as a summer programmer in a small community near my farm. I love talking and being around kids and those are both huge requirements for my line of work.

I am a daughter and a sister. I am the oldest child out of three (even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes). Being a part of my family means a lot of different things to me. It means that I have a support group always ready to listen to my problems and frustrations and that I, in turn, will do the same. And, it also means that I am a farm kid. We have pigs, chickens, a couple of lambs, a dog, three cats, and various aquatic pets in the house. We have to work hard to take care of all of them and chores take up some time in our day.

There are also little things about me that make me the person that I am. I love photography and music, just art in general (even though I am no good at it myself). I have alopecia. I am, what I like to call, an emotional hoarder. I insist on keeping everything that has the slightest personal meaning to me or something with a memory behind it. But all of these things make me, me. They have made me successful and they have made me fail, but they are me none the less.

All of these things that describe also play a part in where I am right now, taking EDTC 300 and learning about Educational Technologies. I have had a few experiences with educational technologies before this class but I didn’t know it. My experiences vary from my information processing class in high school using Kahn Academy to learn how to code, to me learning about photography and filmmaking from watching YouTube videos, to trying to learn a language online. And now, as part of this class, we are using Twitter to connect with a whole community of people also interested in educational technologies. Blogging is something that I immediately associate with my learning so far in university. In my first semester during ECS 110 I made a blog and have used it every semester since then. I have become quite comfortable with how it works and am excited to learn even more.



Studying to gain a Bachelor of Education at the University of Regina

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