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Field Placement Response Week 7

Relevance and Big Picture

Sadly, I have come to the last day of my official field placement. I am so grateful for this opportunity to experience what a classroom is really like and to be able to spend time with the teacher, staff, and young learners that I was placed with. I had such an amazing time and I learned so much about the classroom environment and the teaching side of things, as well as small tips and tricks that my teacher enlightened me with. I loved getting to meet all of the students and I looked forward to seeing them every week; the minute my placement was over I would want to be back the next day! Although it was quite a sad day for me I was still able to enjoy all the beautifully creative cards that the students made for myself and my placement partner. Knowing that I had made their day a little bit better when I was there is truly a blessing and I hope that they all enjoy the rest of the year and grow into amazing people.

Even though this was supposed to be my last day in the classroom I will be able to go back closer to the end of April and paint with them! We sculpted butterflies out of clay a couple of weeks ago and now that they have been fired in the kin they will be ready to be painted soon! I think that going back and spending some time with the kids will be the greatest end to my first year in education and a nice stress reliever after exams.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure if education was really my dream at the beginning of the year. I had contemplated switching many times and I was not all that excited to be going into the classroom. I am so happy that I decided to stick with it for the rest of the year and I found that I really do love being around all those little learners. I have realized that I will have days that are going to be really hard on me but I have also realized that no matter how bad of a day I have I still want to go back the next week. I am happy knowing that I won’t be questioning my career path anymore and extremely excited to be continuing on my educational journey!



Studying to gain a Bachelor of Education at the University of Regina

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